Posted by: nancycurteman | January 30, 2010

Australia: The Mystery of the Arrerente People

The Arrerente tribe is the aboriginal tribe that has made its home in the Red Center of the Australian Outback for somewhere between 20,000 to 50,000 years. No one knows exactly when they arrived. According to  Arrerente Dreamtime creation beliefs their people have lived in the region since a giant caterpillar created the MacDonnell Mountain Ranges.

Alice Springs, known by the natives as The Alice and considered the heart of Australia due to its location right in the center of the continent, was built on Arrerente tribal land. Arrerente families work, shop and attend school in Alice Springs but still cling to traditional tribal beliefs and rituals.

This ancient people boasts among its artists: musicians who play the didgeridoo, craftsmen who create Aboriginal art  and the celebrated watercolor painter Albert Namatjira.

Tribal history is preserved through oral stories and in local museums.

In my new novel, I touch on the life and history of this strong Aboriginal Tribe.


  1. Merci Much obliged for inspiring me to go look up my own probing.

    Yours was way more detailed than mine.


    • Graig,
      Are you a history buff? Australian? What is your interest in the Arrerente people?


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